Tuesday, 18 November 2014

MosDef performing at The Enmore Theatre

MosDef skipped the festival but I luckily caught him two days later at the Enmore Theatre , you can read more about the controversy here at Faster Louder

Angie Stone Performing At Soulfest, Sydney, Australia

Gardens By The Bay - Singapore

Amazing light and colour to work with .This indoor garden is like paradise and also slightly utopian and mystical. It really is breathtaking, if you get a chance, escape the heat in Singapore and go on a garden adventure like no other. To find out more click this and to see more images http://fgirdo.smugmug.com/Gardens-By-The-Bay-/i-J8MVtf8

Monday, 25 August 2014

Portfolio Project - Bali Indonesia

Ubud and Sanur

Portfolio Project- Yucca Valley

This was an amazing part of our trip. We stayed at Hicksville, the coolest caravan park I've every seen. There was no address on the site so we only had directions the day we were going to arrive and just to complicate things this place can't be found on a GPS. The desert is a weird and magical place. This little retro oasis was almost unreal. See more photos here ..http://smu.gs/1vcyqk4

Portfolio Project- Sneak Peek of A Cowboy Losing The Battle

There was excitement as we got to see a glimpse of being caught in the paddock with a massive bull. After looking through the set I was excited to see I captured this sequence of events. See the whole set here...Cowboy loses the battle

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Weekend Getaway - Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW 

A quick winter weekend away with a friend resulted in a impromptu photo shoot. We stayed at The Metropole Guesthouse in Katoomba and while it wasn't 5 stars it was anything but boring. Beautiful rooms, lead light windows and afternoon winter sun made for amazing photos.

Portfolio Project - Sweet Lil Things

I photographed some really sweet moments where Baby E had her first ride on an electric trike with the cutest girls. Kids playing and experiencing new things is the best subject to capture.